Anna Masters

Anna Masters is a mixed-media artist, creating sculptural works that combine a range of organic, recycled and found materials.

Anna originally trained as an installation artist, making ephemeral floor-to-ceiling ‘sculptures’ which appeared to float inexplicably in a space. This background still informs her work, and over a number of years she has developed a system of delicate clear nylon grids to create three-dimensional wall-based and freestanding works.

Evident in Anna’s work is a deep love of materials- of surfaces and textures- but beyond that she is interested in the symbolism that becomes ingrained in materials and how this can be manipulated and altered. Does a rose still symbolise everlasting love once it has died? Can clock parts represent time if taken apart from their contingents and prevented from working? And is there value in money that can’t be spent? She is drawn to the uneasy relationship between the cultural meaning of objects and their often contrary material values, and how these might express quirks in society and human nature.

Anna says of her work, “I try to make works that are both beautiful and interesting. I would love for people to get enjoyment from my work, but also for it to pique their curiosity about the things around them.”