Giuseppe D’Innella

Bold colours, expressive marks and strong compositions define the style of Italian artist Giuseppe D’Innella. Having lived and worked around the world for many years before settling in London, his works reflect a diverse range of influences and utilise a striking palette that evokes a sense of warmth and luminescence reminiscent of his time in Italy, South America and Australia.

Having started his artistic career as a landscape painter, Giuseppe now focuses his practice on screen-printing, building up numerous layers of colour to produce visually complex landscape and abstract works. His interest in mark-making is evident in his landscapes – his loose and bold brush-strokes demonstrate a joy in technique and material – and this passion is crystallised in his more recent abstract works.

His abstract prints employ a complex methodology, deconstructing his original abstract paintings through the separation of colours, and subsequently reconstructing the images through building up layers of different transparent inks. Whilst the original marks and textures are translated into the prints, Giuseppe produces new abstract variations through the playful and experimental use of colour.

With a strong sense of composition and a passion for shape and texture, Giuseppe’s works never fail to make an impression, but it is his alchemic use of colour that leaves a warmth in the heart and a smile on the face.